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If you were injured in a car accident in Hollywood, you should speak with Hollywood Car accident attorney immediately. In 2020, there were 34,050 car accidents in Broward County resulting in 18,984 injuries. A large number of these car accidents occurred in Hollywood, Florida. Here at Workman Injury Law, our car accident lawyer seek justice by making sure our clients receive the compensation they deserve after a car accident in Hollywood.

Our accident lawyer has years of experience handling car accident claims and know what it takes for our clients to receive the highest possible settlements. Our firm handles all cases from start to finish. That means we will help get your vehicle fixed, make sure you receive the treatment you need, negotiate against the insurance companies, and take your case to court, if need be.

Why Should I Hire a Hollywood Car Accident Attorney?

Whenever an auto accident results in injuries, the at-fault party could be liable for the costs of property damage, medical costs, loss wages, pain and suffering, mental anguish and other damages. But the insurance carrier for the vehicle driven by the negligent driver likely will try to blame you for the accident if at all possible.

If they cannot put the blame on you, they will do their best to minimize your injuries by lowballing your car accident claim and offering a very low settlement amount. Do not speak with the insurance companies after an accident. They might act friendly, but they are just trying to get you to say things that they will use against you so that they can low-ball your potential insurance settlement.

Since the insurance companies are not on your side, you should hire a car accident lawyer to represent your interest. Too often, clients try to handle their claims without a lawyer and end up getting screwed over. Don’t let this happen to you. Call a Hollywood car accident lawyer near me immediately for a free case review to go over your options. Our consultation is completely free so there is no risk to you.

How Can a Hollywood Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me?

After retaining us as your lawyer, we will help build your case so you can receive the highest possible settlement. We will gather the evidence that is necessary such as the police report, body cam footage, video footage from surrounding businesses, witness statements, cell phone records from the other driver, and expert witnesses. We will assist with getting your car fixed, rental coverage, and help you get the treatment you need. We will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and seek maximum compensation for your:

Here at Workman Injury Law, we are different in the fact that we take your car accident case to court if the insurance company is not willing to offer you a fair settlement. You would be surprised that a lot of lawyers do not actually file lawsuits or take personal injury cases to trial. Unfortunately, a lot of lawyers look for a quick settlement without taking the risk of litigation. We do not do that. We fight endlessly for our clients to make sure they receive what they deserve. Even if that means we have to incur additional costs and time by taking your case to court because this is your case and you have been through a life changing event and deserve what is fair. We have litigated 500+ cases and have won millions for our clients in court.

Types of Injuries After a Car Accident in Hollywood, Florida

Serious car accidents and even minor car accident can cause a wide range of injuries. Most injuries after a car accident are not visible that is why it is extremely important you see a doctor to discuss how you are feeling and get the treatment you need. These are most common injuries we see after an auto accident:

  1. Neck & Back Injuries: Car accidents can cause whiplash to your neck resulting in severe pain, discomfort and limited movement. We often see clients that experienced a rear-end collision suffer herniations in their neck which causes severe pain and limited range of movement. This neck pain can be so severe that it causes numbness and tingling down their shoulders all the way down to their fingers. Back pain often occurs after a car accident as well. This pain can affect every aspect of one’s life. It can affect one’s daily and social activities. The back pain can cause numbness and tingling down the leg all the way to the toes.
  2. Shoulder Injuries: After a car accident such as rear-end collision, sideswipe accident, you can experience shoulder pain. This shoulder pain can occur because of hitting the shoulder on the side of the door resulting in just soreness or a bruise. But unfortunately, too often we see clients experience shoulder tears as a result of an auto accident because of the severe jerking or the due to the seatbelt.
  3. Knee Injuries: Often clients receive knee tears as a result of hitting their knee inside the vehicle as a result of a car crash in Cooper City.
  4. Broken Bones: Broken bones can happen after a serious car accident such as a roll over. Most common broken bones occur in the hand or wrist due to airbag deployment.

How Long Does a Hollywood Accident Case Take?

This is the million dollar question we get from our clients. Unfortunately, there are numerous factors which determine how long your car accident case will take to settle. If any lawyer tells you they can guarantee you a certain amount of money or a certain timeframe, they are lying. There is no way to determine how long a case can take because we do not write the checks – the insurance companies do. As a car accident lawyer, we help build the case and push the case into position to get you the maximum settlement.

Some factors which determine the length of a Hollywood car accident claim are the following:

If liability is in dispute, there is higher chance that your case may take more time. This is because the insurance company only has to pay out claims if their insured driver is at fault. If the insurance believes that they are not responsible for the accident, they will not offer money to settle. Therefore, your case will need be litigated which means a lawsuit filed against the other driver, discovery, depositions, mediation, and possibly trial. As you can see, this process takes longer because us as your lawyer will need to prove that other driver is at fault and that can only be done by filing a lawsuit on your behalf.

The severity of injuries and length of medical care plays a vital role in how long the process takes. If your injuries are more severe, it will take longer for us to send a demand to the insurance company because we will not settle a case until you receive all the treatment necessary. Typically, the treatment process after a car accident consist of hospital/urgent care, chiropractic/physical therapy, MRIs, pain management, and orthopedic care. If your injuries are severe and you are still in pain months after the accident, you may be required to have serious treatment such as injections or surgery. Receiving surgery after an accident can take months of treatment. Therefore, if you have to eventually have surgery after a Cooper City car accident it may take more time than other claims to settle.

Who the insurance carrier is and the amount coverage available also determines how long your car accident case can take. For example, if the bodily injury coverage for the at fault party is only $10,000 your case may not take very long. This is because if you went to the hospital and the hospital charge alone is $8,000, we will send a demand quickly to the insurance company to get them to pay if the only amount of coverage available is $10,000. If the insurance company does not tender the full policy of $10,000 in the time that we demanded, we can potentially pursue a bad faith claim.

Also, who the insurance company can determine how long your case can take. Not all insurance companies are equal on how they evaluate claims. Some are worst than others. For example, if the at-fault insurance company is Allstate or State Farm, there is more of chance that your case may take longer because they typically under value your claim resulting in your case having to go to litigation.

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At Workman Injury Law, we know how stressful and overwhelming an accident can be on your life. Our job is to fight for you to get the compensation you deserve and help you get back on your feet. We only represent injured individuals and we will be by your side every step of the way.

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