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At Workman Injury Law, we combine years of professional expertise with compassion and understanding to help dog bite victims in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. After a traumatic dog bite incident, you may be feeling a range of emotions and uncertainties. How will you cope with the mounting medical bills? Can you still maintain harmonious relationships with friends or family members who own the dog? At Workman Injury Law, we're here to guide you through these complexities.

Our seasoned dog bite lawyer, Devon Workman, recognizes the immense physical and emotional toll dog bite incidents take. He's committed to helping you comprehend your legal rights and ensuring you secure rightful compensation—primarily from insurance companies, not personal payouts from the dog owner.


Florida's Dog Bite Landscape: Understanding the Statistics

In Florida, the realities of dog bite incidents are all too common and distressing. Each year, we see over 600 people hospitalised due to dog bites, and the most vulnerable victims are children between the ages of 1 and 9. Their diminutive stature often results in serious head or neck injuries that necessitate costly medical care and long recovery periods.

But even in the face of such daunting statistics, you don't have to navigate this journey alone. Workman Injury Law is here to stand with you, bringing a wealth of legal experience and a determination to ensure dog bite victims recover the maximum compensation possible.

Workman Injury Law's Commitment to Dog Bite Victims

We're more than a law firm at Workman Injury Law; we're your staunch allies and advocates. Our team is dedicated to representing those who've been hurt, specializing in dog bite incidents. Our primary goal is to ensure you can assert your rights under Florida law and secure maximum compensation for your losses.

Florida law holds dog owners strictly accountable for any harm their pets cause. This means you're legally entitled to full compensation for your losses. With our proficient legal team by your side, you can confidently pursue justice and the restitution you deserve.

Your Right to Compensation under Florida Law

Florida Statute 767.04 makes it clear: dog owners are liable for any injuries their pets cause, whether they were aware of the dog's aggressive tendencies or not. This aspect of Florida law is unique compared to many other states and provides a clear path to justice for dog bite victims.

However, there are exceptions. If the victim provoked the dog or ignored clear warning signs on the owner's property, these factors may influence the awarding of damages. It's crucial to understand these nuances when pursuing your claim, and we're here to help you navigate them.

What to Do Right After a Dog Bite

Step 1: Clean the Bite

If a dog bites you, don't panic! First, wash the bite carefully with soap and water. This helps keep the wound clean and lowers the risk of infection. If the bite is bleeding a lot, put a clean cloth on it to stop the bleeding.

Step 2: See a Doctor

Even if the bite seems small, it's important to get checked by a doctor. They can make sure everything is okay and give you any shots or medicine you might need.

Step 3: Write it Down

Remember to write down everything about the bite, like where and when it happened and the dog's description. If you can, take pictures of your injuries and where it happened. This information can be really helpful later on.

Step 4: Report the Bite

Tell the local animal control or police about the bite. Reporting it helps make sure the dog doesn't hurt anyone else and is important for keeping track of dog bites in your area.

Step 5: Keep All Your Records

Hold onto all the papers from your doctor visits and any other information about the bite. These documents are super important if you need to talk to a lawyer or an insurance company later.

Step 6: Contact Workman Injury Law

After you've taken care of the immediate steps, it's time to think about getting some expert help. That's where Workman Injury Law comes in. Give us a call! We're here to listen to your story, offer advice, and help you understand your rights. Our team specializes in dog bite cases, and we know exactly what to do to make sure you get the support and compensation you deserve. We'll handle all the complicated legal stuff, so you can focus on feeling better.

Florida's "Dangerous Dog" Laws

What Makes a Dog "Dangerous" in Florida?

In Florida, a dog that has bitten someone seriously or more than once might be called a "dangerous dog." This doesn't just mean big or scary-looking dogs; any dog can be labeled dangerous if it hurts someone badly or acts very aggressively.

Extra Rules for Dangerous Dogs

Owners of dangerous dogs in Florida have to follow special rules. They might need to use a strong leash, put up warning signs, or keep the dog in a secure place. These rules are there to keep everyone safe.

What This Means for You

If a dangerous dog bites you, the owner might have to face bigger consequences, like fines or even losing their dog. Knowing about these laws can help you understand your rights and what to expect if you're involved in a dog bite case.

The Role of a Dog Bite Attorney

In the aftermath of a dog bite, victims often face mounting medical bills, emotional trauma, and enduring pain. The prospect of pursuing legal action can seem overwhelming. That's why many victims go it alone, often ending up with less compensation than they deserve.

At Workman Injury Law, we're determined to change this narrative. Our aim is to ensure you receive full compensation for your losses while making the recovery process as straightforward as possible. Our legal experts will offer personalized assistance with your dog bite claim, fighting tirelessly for fair compensation to cover:

  • Hospital and ongoing medical expenses
  • Lost wages and future earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Emotional distress

Additional Services: What More Can We Do For You?

At Workman Injury Law, our commitment to you goes beyond legal representation. We provide additional services to ensure you are well-supported throughout your recovery journey.

  • Emotional Support and Counseling Referrals: We understand that emotional recovery is as crucial as physical healing. If needed, we can refer you to trusted therapists and counselors to help manage emotional trauma from the incident.
  • Coordination with Medical Professionals: We can help you connect with reliable medical experts who can provide necessary care and also testify about your injuries if needed, strengthening your case.
  • Insurance Claim Assistance: Dealing with insurance companies can be stressful. Our team will help negotiate with insurance providers on your behalf to ensure your claim is handled properly and swiftly.

Choose Workman Injury Law to protect your rights and secure the compensation you rightfully deserve. Reach out to us today and let's begin your journey towards justice and recovery together.

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    Devon was always responsive (even on weekends) and explained every single step of the process... resolved my aunts case within less than 2 months. Got full settlement after the other party didn’t even want to accept liability at first. Thank you for your professionalism and hard work.

    - Maria Paula Hernandez

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    Devon Workman is the most genuine attorney I have ever worked with... he kept me updated throughout the entire process. He also helped answer questions for a friend of mine about an unrelated case. He truly wants to help in any way he can. Highly recommend!

    - graciela lescano

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    In the midst of a tragic car accident my mother was in, Devon was a shining light for myself and my mother... He kept us up-to-date and available anytime we needed him. He was able to get my mother the maximum amount of payment she could receive with Allstate's uninsured motorists policy... I would HIGHLY recommend Devon.

    - Deborah-Ann Bodden


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Auto accident settlement. Denied liability. $0 offer until two months prior to trial.

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