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Were You Injured in a Car Accident in Hollywood, FL?

If you suffered injuries from a car accident in Hollywood, it's important to consult a Hollywood car accident attorney as soon as possible. In 2020, Broward County recorded a high number of car accidents, leading to many injuries. Hollywood, Florida, was the location for a significant portion of these incidents.

Workman Injury Law is here to help by ensuring our clients receive the compensation they deserve after a car accident in Hollywood. Our car accident attorney has extensive experience dealing with such cases and knows how to secure the highest possible settlements for our clients. We manage your case from beginning to end, assisting with car repairs, securing necessary medical treatments, negotiating with insurance companies, and taking your case to court if required.


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Reasons to Hire a Hollywood Car Accident Attorney

When a car accident results in injuries or property damage, the at-fault party may be liable for the associated costs. However, the insurance company representing the negligent driver will often try to blame you or minimize your injuries, offering a low settlement amount. It's crucial not to engage with insurance companies without legal representation, as they may use your words against you in order to reduce your potential settlement.

By hiring a car accident lawyer, you'll have someone on your side to represent your best interests. Many people attempt to handle their claims without legal assistance and end up with unfavorable outcomes. Avoid this situation by calling a Hollywood car accident lawyer near you for a free case review. Our consultations are completely risk-free.

How Long Does a Hollywood Accident Case Take?

Clients often ask how long it will take to settle their car accident cases. Unfortunately, numerous factors determine the duration of a case, and no lawyer can guarantee a specific timeframe or settlement amount. As car accident lawyers, we strive to build a strong case and put you in the best position to receive the maximum settlement.

Some factors that influence the duration of a Hollywood car accident claim include:

  • Liability: Is there a dispute about who caused the accident?
  • Severity of injuries
  • Length of medical care
  • Insurance coverage available
  • The insurance company
  • Whether a lawsuit needs to be filed

Cases involving disputed liability may take longer to resolve, as the insurance company only pays out claims if their insured driver is at fault. If the insurance company believes they aren't responsible for the accident, they won't offer money to settle. Consequently, your case will require litigation, which involves filing a lawsuit against the other driver, conducting discovery, taking depositions, attending mediation, and possibly going to trial. As your lawyer, we'll work to prove the other driver is at fault by filing a lawsuit on your behalf.

The severity of injuries and length of medical care also play crucial roles in determining the duration of the process. More severe injuries require longer treatment, and we won't settle a case until you've received all necessary care. Typically, post-accident treatment involves hospital or urgent care visits, chiropractic or physical therapy, MRIs, pain management, and orthopedic care. If your injuries are severe and require extensive treatment, such as injections or surgery, your case may take longer to settle.

Insurance coverage and the specific insurance company involved can also impact the duration of your car accident case. For example, if the at-fault party has only $10,000 in bodily injury coverage, your case may not take very long, as we can quickly send a demand to the insurance company to pay the full policy amount. However, some insurance companies, like Allstate or State Farm, may take longer to resolve claims due to their tendency to undervalue them, potentially leading to litigation.

Common Injuries

From a Car Accident in Florida

Common Injuries After a Car Accident in Hollywood, Florida

Car accidents, whether serious or minor, can result in various injuries. Many injuries sustained in car accidents may not be immediately visible, which is why it's crucial to see a doctor for an assessment and receive necessary treatment. Some common injuries we encounter after a car accident include:

Neck & Back Injuries

Car accidents can cause whiplash, resulting in severe pain, discomfort, and limited movement. Clients often suffer from herniated discs in their necks due to rear-end collisions, leading to numbness and tingling sensations radiating down to their fingers. Back pain, which may cause similar symptoms in the legs, can also result from car accidents.

Shoulder Injuries

Accidents like rear-end collisions or sideswipes can cause shoulder pain, ranging from soreness or bruises to more severe shoulder tears due to the violent jerking motion or the pressure from seatbelts.

Knee Injuries

Knee injuries, such as tears, can occur when a person's knee strikes the inside of the vehicle during a car crash.
Broken Bones: Serious car accidents, like rollovers, can result in broken bones, especially in the hands or wrists due to airbag deployment.

car accident injuries in Florida (5)

Shoulder Injury

car accident injuries in Florida (1)

Back Injuries

car accident injuries in Florida (2)

Internal Injury

car accident injuries in Florida (3)

Head Injuries

car accident injuries in Florida

Neck Injuries

car accident injuries in Florida (4)

Knee Injuries

Your Rights

We're available 24/7 to help you if you've been involved in a car accident in Hollywood. Call us today for a completely free consultation, and we'll guide you through the process of securing the compensation you deserve. You shouldn't have to navigate this challenging experience alone. Let us handle everything while you focus on recovering from your injuries. Call 954-361-3997 and speak with a Hollywood car accident attorney immediately.

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